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07.04.2023 / Przemysław Szerszeniewski9 min read

Billing models with Unicat.

Depending on the selected Software House, there may be various types of billing models for the project, however, the two most common are:

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19.04.2023 / Przemysław Szerszeniewski9 min read

What is a startup? Is it such a small tech company?

Even before going to college, my friend and I established a "startup". I liked to say it very much because people around me usually reacted with great interest. They asked us what our idea was, whether I knew how to get financing, and whether I had checked if no one else had come up with something similar. However, the more I repeated the word startup, the more I wondered what it really meant. The key moment for me at that time was the question, my friend, what is the difference between a startup and a small company, e.g. such a neighborhood shop? The only thing that came to mind was an answer in the style that only a technology company created thanks to numerous grants can be called a startup.

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